RZN - The SZN Collection, Vol 0

Take a listen to “The SZN Collection, Vol 0” by RZN on Juss Russ Radio. Here with a new 15-minute compilation of his latest contributions to the Trap genre, RZN looks to set a strong tone going into the 4th quarter of 2019. This new body of work “The SZN Collection, Vol 0” is a diversified mix of some of the strongest records in RZN’s catalog. He shows a variety of flows, cadences, and melodies to form a cohesive mixture of high quality street records and radio ready jams. It’s exciting to anticipate where this tape will take him but better yet, what he may deliver next. He’s wasted no time learning ways to creatively and strategically market himself online, so once he mobilizes himself and starts doing shows — it’s a wrap. He’s got the potential to really do damage in the industry if he continues in the direction he’s headed. The swag and charisma is undeniable and it’s gaining him new fans on a daily at this point. Having said that, I’m excited to see what he does the remainder of 2019. Tap in to RZN and stream his new project “The SZN Collection, Vol 0” on Juss Russ Radio and don’t forget to follow him on SoundCloud for more vibes from the kid!