"BROOKLYN" will fall in love with Sasha Prendes

Sasha Prendes is a multi-talented bi-lingual singer/songwriter whose breakout single “BROOKLYN” hit the number one spot in our top trending indie pop charts in less than a week on Juss Russ Radio. Sasha Prendes was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey but grew up in Kansas with a very artistic family where she was always surrounded by creativity. With a grandfather who loved to sing, music was always a large part of Sasha’s life. She began singing as a toddler, and started to write her own music when she was eight years old.

Creating music is something that has always come naturally to Sasha, and she has been writing, singing, and putting together her own melodies and harmonies her entire life. A graduate of the University of Kansas, she worked in medical device sales before deciding to follow her passion and taking the plunge to pursue music professionally. As an artist, Sasha’s music gives her an outlet to convey her feelings and to share her experiences of love, loss, and life. Inspired by an eclectic collection of artists, including Sarah Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Drake, and Billie Holiday, she is able to play around with genre and sound to create fresh and inviting music for her listeners to vibe with. She writes about life and love in ways that are relatable, and this opens up her work to be enjoyed by audiences both young and old. No matter a person’s background or ethnicity, if you love, have been loved, or have been hurt and experienced life, there is something within the music that you will be able to grab on to, and turn to for hope and understanding.

She has always been a believer in fairy-tales, and move moments. Finding herself completely lost within the magic, this feeling is something that she hopes to convey with her work, and what inspires a lot of her creations. Striving for authenticity within her work, she experiments with her sound, melodies, and harmonies. She is always working towards producing music that is enjoyable and accessible to everyone. She hopes to be able to tell a story with each song, and to be an artist that people can relate to; someone whom makes her listeners feel empowered and understood. Her music seems to have an underlying message that no matter your background or situation, the experience of simply being human-- of living and loving, is a universal experience, and something that we can all relate to, understand, and help each other through. Tell us what you think about this new song from Sasha Prendes in the comments section! You can also leave a vote for your favorite songs here on Juss Russ Radio by simply using the ‘like’ icon below.