SBG VonDon - Donny The Dangerous

SBG VonDon takes on the "Melly The Menace" instrumental, putting his own twist on the track. Using a mix of; punchlines, metaphors, similes, and quick witted bars. VonDon take his freestyle abilities to the next level, allowing himself to move a little more freely the the beat and give it all he's got. From Melly The Menace to "Donny The Dangerous. SBG VonDon has been consistent to say the least and with each new remix he does he keeps getting better and closer to finding the sound he’s looking for. This song, the tempo and the beat really compliments his voice and swag well making it a great addition to his remix collection. If your just now tuning in to SBG VonDon; he is a talented Hip Hop recording artist on the rise in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can stream this song and other remixes he’s done to popular industry titles on SoundCloud!

Artist Sounds

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