Sehrene - Another Way

Check out “Another Way” by Sehrene on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging Hip-Hop artist, Sehrene delivered a new banger for the fans via SoundCloud recently entitled “Another Way”. This is a great song for anyone looking at making a change to their lifestyle and alternating their way of thinking. Sehrene feels that often times people tend to confine to societies standards more than they do their own. He uses this smooth and laid back Hip-Hop record to inspire his fans to take that leap of faith, and do what they want to do in life. Life is too short to spend wondering, dreaming, and wishing for more. Sehrene is on his pursuit to happiness and wants his fans to join him along the way, and records like “Another Way” make it easy to follow along and support the wave. Follow Sehrene on SoundCloud now to hear more tracks from the up and coming Hip-Hop sensation. Stream “Another Way” now by Sehrene on Juss Russ Radio.