Semantic Expansion - I Don't Really Know

Stream “I Don’t Really Know” by Semantic Expansion on Juss Russ Radio. The young homie known as Semantic Expansion does us a solid and drops his new track, “I Don’t Really Know” on our heads here at Juss Russ Radio! Let me start this off by saying that when it comes to music, theres some songs you love because of the hook, some songs the verses keep you drawn in, or maybe the beat is what you listen for. I don’t know, but whatever type of listener you are theres one thing that makes a song undeniable regardless of genre, artist, color, or religion — the message. That’s exactly why Semantic Expansions is making his way up the ranks of the young wordsmiths currently making noise on the internet music scene. The young emcee does’t confine himself to the stereotypical cliches of Hip-Hop. He doesn't harbor his lyrics and subject matter on materialistic things, money, or drugs but rather finds his groove when breaking down his introspective issues or touching on matters that effect our society and lives of the everyday man. Check out the young diplomat now and make sure you stream “I Don’t Really Know” on Juss Russ Radio.

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