Shane Thomas - Slap It

Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Slap It” by Shane Thomas on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shane Thomas; he is a talented up and coming producer who has a knack for testing the unknown. Blurring genres is his forte and keeping him in a box is just something no one on earth is capable of doing. This up-tempo EDM record has enough punch and fulfillment to give any festival-goer a run for their money. It’s a ‘Tech-House’ song with a Bass-House influence and Hip Hop vocals. If you can believe it, the song was actually made in the bedroom of his home in Chicago. All around, this song is sick and we can’t wait to see and hear what’s next for Shane. Shane started producing his own music as a hobby about 2 years ago. He recognized that he had a lot of fun working on music and ultimately ended up spending a lot of time creating. He knew it was time to let others hear his music. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more of his work right now on SoundCloud for free listening.