ShawnTHB - Diary Of Wish I Never Liked You

Stop what you’re doing and check out “Diary Of Wish I Never Liked You” by ShawnTHB on Juss Russ Radio. A song full of undoubting regret, “Diary Of Wish I Never Liked You” is ShawnTHB’s ode to the girl of his dreams…at least he thought. This song tells the narrative of a past relationship ShawnTHB found himself tangled up in. A situation where the love that was given by him was not reciprocated by his significant other. Sound like a story the majority of us broken-hearted millennial can relate too huh? But don’t let me textualize the song as some sad, slow, sappy track you only want to play when you’re girl is tripping! The beat on this joint is super wavy and contains some dope synths and sweet 808s to make it the ultimate vibe for anytime. Stream it now and be sure to follow ShawnTHB on SoundCloud for more jams!

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