Shun Salley - Deeper than rap

Take a moment to listen to the song “Deeper than rap” by Shun Salley. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Shun Salley is an up and coming rap recording artist based in Biloxi, MS. His new song is about the life of Shun Salley, and him telling how his life is "I stay on the road so I got to keep this rifle on me", says Shun Salley. Through the verse it goes into the private life of Shun Salley, with him addressing real life situations he faces that are eerily similar to other people and rappers "Broke ass rapper you'll die for a deal" he says in the record. He also addresses relationships in his private life and being against settling for less "Before I wife a hoe I'd rather live my life alone". The song truthfully lives up to its title from beginning to end. This is deeper than rap!