Shweezy - DaybyDay (Part 1)


Lend an ear to DaybyDay (Part1) by Shweezy on Juss Russ Radio! Shweezy is an up and coming Rapper from Santa Maria, California. Featuring Zilla, Shweezy takes the monotonous day to day activites and turns it into art. Fighting with your self just to make it through the week for what? Another day just like the last? Keep pushing young buck, you're on the brink of success. Every day in the books is a day closer to your future.  Direct undertones, a catchy chorus with ridiculous lyrics takes DaybyDay (Part1) into the next realm. Proving his place in this competive industry; if this is any inclination as to whats to come, look out! Follow Shweezy and whats to come on Soundcloud.