Sity XX - Frozen & Broken (Feat. THEOVRDOSE)


Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Frozen & Broken’ by Sity XX and THEOVRDOSE on Juss Russ Radio. Both artists make their debut on Juss Russ Radio with an ode to heartbreak. The songs production has a deep and euphoric atmosphere that will enthrall listeners who enjoy R&B that boasts a dark appeal. The two artists provide smooth vocals and a catchy hook that will resonate with nearly any listener who has ever experienced a break up that followed heartbreak. 'Frozen & Broken' served as a great introduction to their sound and we look forward to hearing more music from the artists in the future. Who knows maybe there could be an official music video in the works or better yet an EP. Only time will tell, in the meantime be sure to leave Sity XX some feedback in the comments section.

Artist Sounds

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