So-Si - NobodyThat

Catch a vibe to the new single “NobodyThat” by So-Si now on Juss Russ Radio. Falling through with a buoyant new summer anthem is emerging Hip-Hop artist So-Si. So-Si currently resides in Pismo Beach and has been doing his thing on the pavement and online in regards to pushing his music to get in front of as many potential fans as possible. His musical style certainly coincides with this new wave of singing/rapping that was really made popular by artists such as Drake, Bryson Tiller, Landstrip Chip etc. So-Si’s ability to combine intricate lyricism with catch melodies provides for a tandem that creates a heavy appeal from the masses. It’s like literally giving fans the best of both worlds when you perfect this technique for your fans and So-Si has definitely found his own way of doing so. In regards to his new single, So-Si linked up emerging Hip-Hop producer Guala to cook-up this smash that definitely carries the type of sound that could be easily played on radio. The hook is catchy, the verses are clean and charismatic which are three main components that equate to a hit record these days. Enough with me hyping it up though, take a listen to “NobodyThat” by So-Si now on Juss Radio. Make sure you give him a follow on SoundCloud too if you’d like to explore the rest of his catalog.