Soulkid C - Up & Away

Take a listen to Soulkid C’s new single entitled “Up & Away” on Juss Russ Radio. Hip-Hop heavyweight, Soulkid C decided to drop in this week with “Up & Away”, which was released on AudioMack so make sure you go download this joint as soon as you’re done streaming here. Nonetheless, Soulkid C is one of the more reflective, lyrical, and socially aware Hip-Hop artists of today. His style and charisma have allowed him to utilize the use of new platforms such as AudioMack, SoundCloud and Spotify to market his music and expose his talent to the world. “Up & Away” is a smooth and introspective record that places the listener directly into the mind of Soulkid C, who apparently has been searching for an escape from his reality lately. In this track, Soulkid C walks you through the last few months of his life talking the things he’s experienced and how it all has ended with him feeling like setting sail and taking a leap of faith toward his future in order to chase his dream. It’s songs like this that offer a substantial amount of inspiration to those who listen with an open mind because Soulkid C uses his own life to enlighten you on the things he’s been through so that you can formulate your own route toward success and happiness. As time goes on I’m excited to see how SoulKid C continues to develop and hone in on his sound. He’s already showed signs of greatness and has proven to possess the potential to lead a very promising musical career if he stays consistent. Follow SoulKid C on SoundCloud now to stream more music from the emerging emcee. Stream “Up & Away” by Soulkid C now on Juss Russ Radio.