Southernayers - Slumber


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Slumber” by Southernayers on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Southernayers; Southernayers is a thoughtful duo playing a blend of pop and indie electronic with unique inspiration from greats the likes of David Bowie, Joy Division and Jellyfish. The blend of melancholic lyrics and lush, old-school pop melodies find a way to be reminiscent of classic 80s music yet modern for today's indie music scene. Slumber is the latest release from Southernayers. It blends an 80s aesthetic with a modern electronic melancholy. Currently, the duo is preparing for a tour to support the release of their upcoming EP, "While We Were Here." Which officially drops in later Summer. Expect to hear a lot from Southernayers in the near future. The song “Slumber” served as a great introduction to their sound for us and we can’t wait to see and hear what’s next for the duo! Don’t sleep on this song or the artists - you can stream more of their work right now on SoundCloud.