Swiif - HooLiLiFe

Take a listen to “HooLiLife” by Swiif on Juss Radio. As a music enthusiast I get excited anytime, and I mean anytime I get to put my ears on something the world may have never heard before. What brings me even more excitement is when that sound is actually good and inspires me to want to tell the folks in my world about it in hopes that they will gravitate toward the vibe just as much as I do. Well let me be the first to tell you, that the music Gods are raining down heavily today here at Juss Russ Radio. Swiif, an aspiring and promising Hip-Hop artist who has been building his core audience by releasing high quality singles across various streaming platforms in combination with his legwork he has exerted in building a brand around his sound. With much appreciation, the young genius revealed to us a short 6-track EP entitled “HooLiLife” recently and I cannot stop letting these joints ride. From start to finish the production, the message of hope and success, and even the pain you feel while listening throughout makes this a powerful piece of work that the entire world needs to get their ears on, not just me. So here you are, from me to you…make sure y’all listen top to bottom and show love as you enjoy “HooLiLife” by Swiif on Juss Russ Radio.

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