TALKTOCHELYNN - Million Dollar Mindset

TALKTOCHEYLNN - Million Dollar Mindset featuring Lord Daze

Listen to Lord Daze getting interviewed by TALKTOCHEYLNN from Million Dollar Mindset on Juss Russ Radio. TALKTOCHEYLNN explores the backgrounds of musicians, creators and entrepreneurs with many different backgrounds and social status ranks. TALKTOCHEYLNN speaks with Lord Daze who says the life of Lord Daze has been one hell of a chess game and his king has remained unchecked. However, like any good chess game, all of his previous moves have come with great sacrifice, pain, and triumph. His humble and calculated tone is the perfect cover for his lion heart and relentless spirit. Lord Daze’s life has always been on two strikes with no plan B and his best moves are always created during the moment. The concrete jungle of NYC is brutal and survival of the fittest is the true street-code. 


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