TAMBA HALI - Things Won't Be The Same

Things Wont Be The Same by Tamba Hali

Listen to Things Won't Be The Same by Tamba Hali on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a Liberian born professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs and CEO of an independent record company called Relumae Records. Birthed from the passion and faith to propel music forward, Relumae Records was formed to “create an opportunity for artists who are confident, love what they do and desire to leave a name behind.” According to Relumae’s owner Tamba Hali, "the mission is to showcase the passion and faith in the music and we understand that starts with how artists create and share their music. Our passion and faith in the music is religious in the sense of the routine of how we are managing our business.”

Being very busy with his professional football career initially kept Tamba in a role where he focused on building the infrastructure for his music empire. Now that most of that construction is near completion, Tamba takes time to remind fans of his passion for music and abilities as a hip hop recording artist. Don't sleep on this song and stay tuned for new releases by the artist when you connect with Tamba Hali on his official Soundcloud profile page.


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