TANIS - Okay (Official Music Video)

"'Okay' by TANIS is a song reflecting on the moments we all have in our lives where we feel beaten down by everyone and everything that surrounds us," she says. "But yet, if we can find a way to continue to believe in our dreams, our aspirations and tell ourselves we will be okay no matter what, we can find a way to overcome any obstacles, no matter how insurmountable they may seem." Tanis' latest video, "Okay," explores those times when we feel run down. By the end of the song and video, however, she hopes to inspire you to keep persevering. She records, composes, and produces every aspect of her sound herself, pouring her deepest feelings into this art each and every day.Watch her new music video “OKAY” below and look out for Tanis and her upcoming Album, “Love Stories” in 2018.