TC3re - That's It (themariahjoint)


Check out That's it (themariahjoint) on Juss Russ Radio! TC3re is an up and coming Rap artist from Oakland, California. A self-taught songwriter, producer and rapper/vocalist whose love for music started at just 14 years of age. Now 19 and based in Los Angeles; were expecting him to take Cali by storm. That's It (themariahjoint) is the follow up to Arriba, showcasing more of TC3re rap side. His intricate rhymes are effortless, the bass is hard-hitting, and the old school whistle is consistent in his creative abilities of bringing a fresh new sound. Turn up the volume, recline that seat and just drive while letting That's It (themariahjoint) take over. To hear more from TC3re follow him on Soundcloud.