TimHueman Torch - Quiet Storm (Music Video)

Take a moment to watch the official music video for ‘Quiet Storm’, by TimHueman Torch on Juss Russ Radio. TimHueman Torch makes his debut on Juss Russ Radio with a prolific set of lyrics over a classic Hip Hop production. Shot by Bryce Lones (@blones23) in the Chicago loop area accompanied by Mela Don and Seven Solah, Torch and the Melanics demonstrate their militancy and magnificence over a legendary hip hop track proving that Torch can measure up and then some. From his delivery to how he rides the beat; TimHueman Torch separates himself from the rest by simply doing what he does best. This song is the type of record you'll want to playback several times just to make sure you didn't miss out an important bar or let a piece of lyrical substance fly over your head. Don't sleep on this song or this artist. If you enjoy this video you can subscribe to the official TimHueman Torch channel on YouTube.