TNice - Get Turnt

Take a listen to a new song by TNice titled ‘Get Turnt’ on Juss Russ Radio. TNice makes his first appearance on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy and lyrical Hip Hop record worth that second listen. Currently based in New Jersey, TNice is on a mission to show the world that he is different and in a way better than the rest. His real name is Taj Frazier but he goes by the name Mahdi2turnt. He was born and raised in New Jersey in the United States. Born in Camden N.J. he’s faced a lot of hardships and struggles but he’s thankful for them all because they have made him who he is today. He became interested in rapping when he saw his older brother writing a love song to a girl he had a crush on. He said to himself if he can make a song I can too! Ever since then he has been fascinated with music. He was probably like 6 or 7 when that happened. As he grew older with a lot of different musical influences he started figuring out what he wanted to rap about and how he wanted to present it. He began rapping about his struggles and hardships and he felt alive. He felt like himself in a sense. He’s a pretty versatile rapper with a sick flow but he would rather rap about real things Ihe has experienced or that he is facing.

According to the artist: “I make a mixture of relatable music and music you can just Vibe too. I was inspired by a numerous amount of rappers , but to name a few I was inspired by the most it would be Tupac of course, he was a legend and all my uncles listened to was Tupac , biggie and other names. Tupac stood out the most because like him I am a Gemini and he addressed real life issues. Another name would be J Cole because he is potent and in tune with himself he makes lyrical music with lyrics full of life. Lastly Drake he was the leader of the new school for a while dropping a wide range of music and majority were hits so it made me think out the box and become more versatile with my own rapping lifestyle and career. Life was hard growing I didn’t have the ideal life. My grandmothers raised me. Now today in life I’m just making music and chasing my dream. I have a Son and a family to take care of I cannot stop grinding so everything I’m doing is for them. I just wanna make good music that everyone loves and can relate too. I’m trying to turn my nothings into something and be the change my family needs.” Don’t sleep on this artist or this song, you can stay up to date with his latest releases by connecting with him on SoundCloud.

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