Tommy von Gloom - Postapocadelic

Take a moment to listen to the song ‘Postapocadelic’ by Tommy Von Gloom on Juss Russ Radio. Tommy Von Gloom makes his second appearance on Juss Russ Radio since the release of his single “Because Blue Eyes”. This song has a smooth sound and feel to it that will take you on a wonderful journey through the world and it’s beautiful amenities we tend to not appreciate. Tommy highlights how we all tend to look left when it comes to taking care of this earth. He even references humans as a sort of disease when it comes to looking at the Earth as a whole and the role we play in it. Most things we do here are naturally killing it. I’m personally happy that Tommy used his voice and his abilities as an artist and songwriter to pay more homage and highlight this atrocity. Hopefully people can hope on board with this record, share it and enlighten a few more people each day! Don’t Sleep

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