ToneRuth - From Me

Take a listen to “From Me” by Tone Ruth on Juss Russ Radio. The internet hitmaker and Hip-Hop artist widely known as ToneRuth released a wavy new slapper for his SoundCloud audience recently and we’re here today to bring the good vibes to you here at JRR! ToneRuth did a great job throughout the year of 2018 in keeping his name buzzing through his constant releases on popular streaming platforms such as SoundCloud. With a sound that often captures the day to day struggle of the millennial generation it isn’t hard to see why the kids of today are gravitating toward his sound much. His new single “From Me” looks to keep this run going as he teams up with Guala Beatz to cook up this mellow-hype soundscape. The record is glazed with a simple and melodic hook that repeats “I don’t know what you want from me” until ToneRuth dives into his verses. His verses break down the story of a person who feels as if they have been putting their all into a situation to only keep experiencing disappointment from the people he is putting all the work in for. Sometimes we can’t win for losing, and the best thing we can do is do what we want to do for ourselves, and let those that support and want to help contribute while the others watch and observe. You can’t please the world, so at least make sure you’re pleasing yourself at the end of the day! Check out “From Me” by ToneRuth now on Juss Russ Radio and make sure you follow his music page on SoundCloud.