ToneRuth - Living Room

Take a listen to “Living Room” by ToneRuth feat. Pat App on Juss Russ Radio. ToneRuth is an aspiring Hip-Hop talent currently residing in Coatesville and putting in some serious work to build his brand and put his music on a global platform. He recently teamed up with fellow emcee Pat App to release his new single entitled “Living Room”, which dropped on SoundCloud for free streaming. At this point the song has only been available for about eight days and has garnered over 2,000 plays so it’s safe to say that Tone’s core audience is digging the collaborative effort. Both artists possess flavors that are reminiscent of the more raw form of Rap, where lyrics matter and were made priority. Tone and Pat both go back and forth running through nostalgic memories of their upbringing and relating it to who they are, and the things they go through in present time as men. A very relatable song by two very promising emcees. Follow ToneRuth on SoundCloud if you’d like to hear more sounds from the emerging Hip-Hop sensation. Stream “Living Room” by ToneRuth on Juss Russ Radio.

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.