All My Life by Tony Capo

Now Playing All My Life by Tony Capo on Juss Russ Radio.

Now Playing All My Life by Tony Capo on Juss Russ Radio.

Tony Capo shares All My LIfe featuring Humble Kye on Soundcloud and Juss Russ Radio got our hands on it. Tony Capo releases All My Life which seems to be the leading single of a host of songs the artist released on Soundcloud within days of each other. Tony Capo continues to make a name for himself coming out of Manchester and All My Life is a great leading single for his latest project. 

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Quotable Lyrics:

All my life I've been tryna find a path Fake friends in the back In the way of my cash But if it doesn't add up then it's time to subtract So I'm just tryna find a balance Gettin to the palace Work a 9-5 and I've been feeling callous Leave the bullshit all up to the gallus I'm been painting a picture, creating a ballad. - Tony Capo "All My Life"

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