Take a moment to listen to the song “FR FR” by Too Turnt on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Too Turnt; he is an up and coming rapper who is responsible for the #FreeKP campaign. Rapper ‘Too Turnt’ didn’t get the name by being regular. He is known by his friends and associates for being the turn-up kid. He’s always bringing positive vibes and when he’s on stage there’s no slowing him down once he gets started. Upon first listen you can tell that ‘Too Turnt’ knows what he’s doing and is in total control over his sound. His delivery and approach is similar to that of a professional. The song reeks of potential. It serves as a shout out to a good friend of his who is currently incarcerated. He wants his homie to know it’s all love his way and that he ain’t forgot about him. It’s #FreeKP until they Free KP.