T.R.3 - 7.AM

T.R.3 7AM

Listen to 7.AM by T.R.3 on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio is a polished hip hop recording artist hailing out of Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in Chicago, Illinois. T.R.3 speaks on growing up in his newly found hometown of Chicago which has become known for it's level of violence in low economic area's within the city. T.R.3 for the most part keeps to himself and avoids trouble by sticking to his routine of getting money, coming home and enjoying it with some good smoke. T.R.3 not only makes a great hip hop song you can vibe to, but it's also a great smoke track for those late night listens. You can stream 7.AM and more songs by T.R.3 on his official Soundcloud profile page. Learn more about 7.AM by T.R.3 on Artist Sounds.


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