Trey Stilly - Three Brands

Stream “Three Brands” by Trey Stilly on Juss Russ Radio. Now let me start this one by saying that back in my high school days, hell even middle school it was a fashion crime to mix and match brands with an outfit. Like, if I was wearing a nike hoodie to school — ain’t no way I could get caught rocking Adidas kicks or sweats that day. I just felt disloyal as a customer or something I guess lol, I don’t know. Regardless, the homie Trey Stilly is here to deliver a whole new swag to us today with his new single “Three Brands”. The young hitmaker combines heavy 808-driven production with saucy, charismatic bars to make his music great for parties and the turn up! “Three Brands” is one of those anthems for the ladies and the fellas out there who are committed to the drip on a daily basis. What’s that you may ask? No sweat, I’ll break it down. “Drip” is the new lingo or slang term for swag or style within Hip-Hop culture. Having said that, Trey Stilly curated an anthem to the listeners in the world dedicated to their style and like to express themselves through fashion and how they dress. If that appeals to you and your lifestyle then tap in real quick and stream “Three Brands” by Trey Still now on Juss Russ Radio.