Trillo $kywalker - STFUBIDGAF

Trillo Skywalker

Listen to STFUBIDGAF by Trillo $kywalker on Juss Russ Radio! Rap has a brand new shining star that goes by the name of Trillo $kywalker and he is looking to take out anyone who opposes or says otherwise. His new cutting edge single, STFUBIDGAF, is filled to the brim with modern rap excellence. STFUBIDGAF is that song that will make you tell all of your enemies to, well, read the title. The production snatches your attention with it's impulsing bass and vocals that make Trillo $kywalker a XXL Freshman Class shoe in. Except for the outlet of music Trillo has  lived in the slums all his life and its never really been a 'walk through the park' for him. So in his music he dedicates his songs for people that go through the same scenarios he has been through. Stream more on Soundcloud.