TRIPLEDAJ - Realness


Listen and stream Realness by TRIPLEDAJ on Juss Russ Radio. TRIPLEDAJ shares a new song on Soundcloud and it has potential to be a southern banger. TRIPLEDAJ spits some deep lyrics in his latest new song that discusses his current 9/5, dreams of becoming a hip hop icon and the lack of energy back home. Coming from a place of adversity, TRIPLEDAJ looks to put his hometown of Mississippi on, inspiring the masses of his friends, family and loved ones he has seen give up their dreams to get back out there and never stop. Learn more about Realness by TRIPLEDAJ on Artist Sounds

Quotable Lyrics

The way the system setup it's hard to get by but I keep my head & my face dry can't let no tears drop only the strong strive the King inside me won't take a bow to none of these haters fu K all of these niggas I can't count on one hand who supports me so I support myself push my craft like I'm pushing a pack tell these label they want crack cocaine hiphop - TRIPLEDAJ


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