TrueK814 - CABBAGE

Tap in and take a listen to “CABBAGE” by TrueK814 on Juss Russ Radio. TrueK814 is one of the most highly anticipated up and coming emcees of 2019. He most recently popped up on SoundCloud for the release of his newest banger entitled “CABBAGE”! This record has been receiving a lot of critical acclaim among his online community of Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook followers who never hesitate to let him know how they’re feeling about the content. Up to this point, TrueK814 has been a very stylistic and charismatic figure within the Hip-Hop scene, sometimes allowing his social media antics to propel his branding and marketing moves. However, this strategy has served him well and allowed him to build the type of fan base that can garner him a humble 70,000 streams in less than a month! His unique style and fashion have also allowed him to attract a very unique audience which consists of millienial punkers and trap lovers, which is a very vibrant and interesting dynamic to have revolving around a Hip-Hop sound! Follow TrueK814 now on SoundCloud to browse through his catalog and get a chance to dive deeper into the sound and vibe of the up and comer. Stream “CABBAGE” now by TRUEK814 on Juss Russ Radio.