Tudee - Awuf

Stop what you’re doing and stream a new song by Tudee titled “Awuf” on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tudee; he is a talented singer/songwriter based in Napa, California who has been using popular music streaming platforms like Audiomack to expose his sounds with the world. His latest release “Awuf” served as a great introduction to his sound for us and we can’t help but repeat the words when listening because its that addictive. This song has such a great vibe and energy. Tudee did a great job of selecting the perfect island production to bring his vision to life for this fun and up tempo Reggae record. With a fresh and original sound Tudee is setting himself a part from other artists doing it. In time he will surely become a rising star in the underground community and one day an icon in the mainstream. Don’t sleep!

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