UnknownReality - Fake Love


Check out Fake Love by UnknownReality on Juss Russ Radio! UnknownReality is a Acoustic artist making his debut on Juss Russ radio all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 5th grade he has been writing music. Music is a way for him to escape, he has dealt with depression and at one very low point in his life he was close to suicide, at times like that he felt as if music was the only one there when he felt constantly alone. What he found out was that it doesn't matter if you have the best voice or catchiest sound out there, to make great music you have to open yourself up and be honest. Fake Love is about two people in a relationship, whom think they love each other. The problem they only ever cause doubt and pain for one another. How is that real love? It is a complicated and deep. Stay connected with UnknownReality by connecting with him on Soundcloud.