user 506

Check out MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE by User 506 on Juss Russ Radio! User 506 is based in New Jersey. His stage name is simply a generic alias, as he hasn't fully premiered as an artist yet. Rather, he is using his SoundCloud as a platform to experiment with different vibes, giving himself the freedom to express himself differently with each track he releases. His music is inspired by his own bouts with sadness, depression, and self-deprecation, and through his work User 506 aims to create a 'warm blanket' around his listeners, telling them that they are not alone when they go through similar experiences. His latest track, MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE, is a chapter in User 506's life, narrating his ups and downs. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of User 506's work.