UzziVilla released a new song called "Odd Shoulders"


Stop what you’re doing and listen to the song “Odd Shoulders” by UzziVilla on Juss Russ Radio. UzziVilla makes his first appearance on our music blog with the release of a deep Rap performance worth that second listen. UzziVilla is a self proclaimed artist who is aspiring to become the most reputable and listened to artist who has a message for when he gets big within the industry. Uzzi likes to interact with his fans and connect new bridges to further market himself towards more individuals who’re interested and are going to be loyal to him as a person and his music/art. These are his fans. Uzzi is willing to collaborate with other artists and he’s all about promotion as of now and making connections in the industry. Growing up as a young aspiring artist from a rough background of neglect from a mother and father who weren’t there all of their lives can spark a true creative insight within a 15 year old kid. His mother was a rapper so he could’ve got some of his talent from her but he claims himself to be independent. His mindset is like no other teenager out there in this world. He feels as if he was born into the wrong era of life at times, leaving him to be mysterious about many things in this “universe.” He likes astronomy, boxing, and music. Music at times was a way out of a deep and troubled lifestyle. He doesn’t make music for himself. He makes it for the individuals who struggle and need something to mend their mind on. He doesn’t necessarily care about the money or hatred towards him. He has aspirations and he will achieve them. You just wait. This world will hear his message. Don’t sleep on this artist or this song — you can hear more of his work right now on SoundCloud.