Stop what you’re doing and stream “RIDE” by Voda Fuji on Juss Russ Radio. Voda Fuji is no stranger for the charts here at Juss Russ Radio. Steadily building a name for his eclectic EDM mixes, Voda Fuji has definitely carved his own lane in the game amidst the slew of other EDM producers in the industry right now. His new single “Ride” is a certified vibe that is perfect for those long car rides at night or kicking back too after a long day. Voda Fuji typically creates more heavy hitting soundscapes with trunk-rattling bass drops and masterful beat matching. This time around however, he provides a vibe that is geared towards those music fans that enjoy music that is simply just easy to listen too. Sweet and smooth melodies combined with a few well placed transitions went a long way for Voda Fuji on this release and we’ll see if he sticks to this approach or stays in his traditional pocket of switching things up in the future. Whatever he decides to do, I’m here for it because he has proven his consistency and work ethic to be at the level of an artist who will reach an exceptional level of success. Follow Voda Fuji on SoundCloud now to browse through his catalog and get hip to his vibe. Stream “RIDE” now by Voda Fuji on Juss Russ Radio.