Vsoul - On God

Take a listen to “On God” by Vsoul now on Juss Russ Radio. You know someone is serious when they put something on God, especially within the Hip-Hop community. Maybe a blasphemous phrase, but nonetheless a frequently used one in order to gauge the severity or truth in what someone may be telling you — emerging Hip-Hop sensation Vsoul decided to take a play off the controversy by entitling his new single “On God”. Vsoul has always had a knack for knowing just how to get his listener stirred up and buzzing on whatever he has going on, but he may have taken the cake this time around. “On God” is set to serve as almost an instant classic as the up and coming emcee provides a ultra-catchy hook to an already sauced up instrumental that really makes this song hard to take off of repeat once you get your first listen. Vsoul’s sound is fun, diverse, and most importantly positive, which in today’s generation of heavily saturated Trap music and culture is hard to come by. Follow the homie Vsoul on SoundCloud now if you want to stay up to date on any new releases. Stream “On God” by Vsoul now on Juss Russ Radio.