Vuk - Do It For The Hoe

Take a listen to “Do It For The Hoe” by Vuk on Juss Russ Radio. Vuk has been on a steady uprising this year, and his new single “Do It For The Hoe” might be the song that breaks him through. Vuk released his new single on SoundCloud not too long ago and since then he has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from his fans and listeners. This track is a definite club banger and features some of the nastiest verses i’ve heard from Vuk to date. He’s always an artist we can count on to drop a catchy record, but this time there’s a certain conviction in voice that really grabs you as a listener. He still provides an infectious hook and all of the standard components of his style that have gained him such notoriety with his fan base. It’s always good when you’re favorite artist is versatile and knows how to switch up his or her style without throwing you through a complete loop. Follow the emerging emcee, more widely known as Vuk now on SoundCloud to hear more music. Stream “Do It For The Hoe” now by Vuk on Juss Russ Radio.