Walshey - Platinum

Take a listen to “Platinum” by Walshey on Juss Russ Radio. Walshey and fellow up and coming emcee, PNV Jay decided to clique up and rock one time for the release of the new single “Platinum” via Spotify. Now I didn't have time to go back and do my research to see if this is the first time the two have collaborated or not. Regardless, these two fuse up and form a major chemistry that is illustrated perfectly on this record, and fans are loving it. Walshey remains true to his uncanny lyrical ability and definitely provides one of the more intricate and polished verses we’ve heard from in a while. PNV Jay drops in with swag and charisma and really shines his light on this beat, ultimately enhancing the vibe of the record and making it a certified banger. The song itself is all about both emcees aspirations to one day reach the heights of success in their music careers. They wanna go platinum, they want their names in the bright lights, and from the looks and sounds of things they won’t stop until they get there. Follow Walshey on Spotify to hear more music from the rising Hip-Hop superstar. Stream “Platinum” by Walshey now on Juss Russ Radio