Willie Withers makes his debut with "LaLa"

Stream “LaLa” by Willie Withers on Juss Russ Radio. Willie Withers is an up and coming Hip-Hop sensation that has built a niche for catering to the ladies with his charismatic Rap flow and stylish image. He recently dropped his latest single entitled “LaLa” via SoundCloud for free streaming and the track has been collecting thousands of streams on the daily since he let it go. This is a track definitely catered to the pretty ladies within his fanbase that like to enjoy a toke or two as he uses the term “LaLa” to refer to marijuana and the vibe it brings about. He delivers in typical Willie Withers fashion as he illustrates his smooth flow and witty wordplay to serenade his listener. The catchy hook on this record gives it a ton of radio appeal as well, assuming Withers’ decides to push this record to the next level he could be receiving a lot of mainstream attention this year. Willie Withers has all the potential and charisma it takes to succeed in this industry, it’s just going to be up to him to remain consistent and market himself the correct way to gain that national recognition most artists work toward. Stream “LaLa” by Willie Withers now on Juss Russ Radio and be sure to add the up and comer on SoundCloud if you enjoy his music!