Check out “Can’t Express” by WORDIES on Juss Russ Radio now. WORDIES is one of the most highly anticipated Hip-Hop talents that have risen to popularity during 2019. His charismatic Rap style in combination with his substance filled lyrical ability have all come to comprise a formula for success for the up and coming emcee. He recently released his new single entitled “CANT EXPRESS” via SoundCloud for free streaming. The record has been receding a lot of positive feedback early on, as WORDIES’ fans seem to appreciate the artist opening up and showcasing more vulnerability than he normally does on his records. This chill and laid back soundscape does a good job at exposing the strengths the WORDIES’ possesses when it comes to his delivery and songwriting ability. It allows him to get off a few knew flows to let his listeners know he his forever evolving and never being stagnant in his approach to the game. Follow WORDIES on SoundCloud now to hear more music from the up and coming Hip-Hop sensation. Stream “CANT EXPRESS” by WORDIES now on Juss Russ Radio.