X - If I Call Will You Answer


Stop what you’re doing and stream the project “If I Call Will You Answer” by X on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with X; he is a relatively unknown recording artist on the rise in Pennsylvania. X made his first appearance on our music blog with a 6 record short length project that really shows off his lyrical abilities throughout. Each song is radio worthy and X really stands out on each record paying homage to his delivery and voice. We are excited about his future as this project reeks of potential. From “Sunflower”, to “Catch” X really gives listeners a project worth that second listen. We can’t wait to see how our listeners reflect on this project and ultimately if it makes it in to our top charts this week for Hip Hop and Rap. One thing is for sure; you will be serenaded by every production and deep in though lingering on every word X puts in your ear. Don’t sleep on this project or this artist!