Y-Kay - Legendary (New Song)

Legendary by Y Kay

If you are tuned in to Juss Russ Radio you are now listening to Legendary by Y-Kay. Y-Kay released his latest song in 4 months on Soundcloud and it was definitely worth the wait. Y-Kay speaks about his team of visionaries and how the plan is to become Legendary. According to rapper Y-Kay his track is not a reflection of what the album might be (21st Century Schizoid Man) but, it was written around the same time I was working on my album, so it has a sense of relation. You can learn more about Legendary  by Y-Kay on Artist Sounds.

Quotable Lyrics

Like that, Im tryna get a maybach (boss), How you gon tell me don’t not to go and say that, You’re the ones who fight for a place at, The top spot get money and lay back I hustle hard for my joints, I am an artist, Embody all my work I am what art is, My mind is sharp bitch, living in the darkness, Create and I craft and Im ticking like a rolex - Y-Kay

Artist Sounds

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