Y. Kizzy - Fuck The Police

Y. Kizzy

Listen to Fuck The Police by Y. Kizzy on Juss Russ Radio. Making his debut on to Juss Russ Radio, Marquell T. Limbricka.k.a Y. Kizzy was born May 31st 1990 in L.A and has been there ever since. Growing up in LA with two parents working hard to create a stable and good home for him while also growing up hard of hearing wasn't always the easiest life. But knowing the simple fact of life that it didn't make him different and it could never keep him down kept him motivated. What was simplya hobby quickly turned into a passion. In life some of his influences are his parents and close friends, people who have been there with him and supported him. His sound has a mainstream vibe appealing to the new age and generation with the hood, smooth and everything else, its more than focusing on one area its about being a jack of all trades to him. Consistency, hard work and networking are just a few of the skills he embodies knowing these will be things that will help him breakthrough in the industry. He wants his fans to feel good in another place and space in their mind when listening to his music. Hear more songs from Y.Kizz by connecting with him on Soundcloud.