Youngan Dee - Activated

Take a listen to “Activated” by Youngan Dee on Juss Russ Radio. Emerging Hip-Hop artist Youngan Dee popped up on our radar with his latest 4-track EP entitled “Activated” recently so it was only right that we shine some light on the up and coming emcee. Up to this point, Youngan Dee has been a fairly new face on the scene but has recently began to pick up his pace in regards to releasing new content online. I searched his name on Spotify and didn’t find much content, and that was a similar trend amongst the other more popular platforms (SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, etc). However, this wasn’t feat in my eyes for the emerging emcee but rather made me appreciate this new body of work even more at the end of the day. It seems as if Youngan Dee understands the concept of quality over quantity, and with a concise and straight-forward project such as “Activated” hitting our ears we have no choice but to listen to the EP in its entirety in order to get a true take on him as an artist. I personally listened to the project twice just to really peel through the layers of production, lyrics, melodies, and any other aspects that would suffice a project as hot or hot trash. After listening, what I took most from the project and felt most connected too was the general theme of confidence and ambition that spills and leaks through all four of the songs featured. Literally from the time that track #1 (“So Cold”) to the final fadeout on “Stop Capping” you would have to naive to not resonate with the message, confidence, and delivery that Youngan Dee performs with on record. His vibe is infectious and his confidence has a tendency to amplify his lyrics and personality in a way that formulates an undeniable recipe for stardom. Take a moment to stream through his latest EP “Activated” and get your own feel for the sound he’s kicking on Juss Russ Radio now. Make sure you give him a follow on Audio Mack and sign up for any alerts so you don’t miss out on whatever drops next by Youngan Dee.