Young Goats Music are lighting up the summer w/ new album "Goat Life"

Give it up for two up and coming recording artists on the rise in Southern California known as ‘Young Goats’. They just dropped a highly anticipated album called “Goat Life” and it’s a must hear! The duo makes their first appearance on our music blog with an addictive and engaging uptempo project that consists of 15 of their best records to date. The duo includes recording artists ‘Young Suave’ and ‘Goatey’ who both bring a very versatile sound that allows them to make all different types of music and you’ll hear it in ‘Goat Life’. Mostly considered Hip-Hop artists, this duo has made songs from genres such as R&B, Pop, Dancehall, Trap and even Country influences. With three music videos out (Miami Nights, What Love Is and Take You With Me) you can really get a good first impression and understanding of who they are as artists. Young Goats are the type of artists who aren’t going to hold back. Their always going to put on a show and give their fans and growing audience what they want and need. This is a music group we highly recommend you get familiar with. Don’t sleep on the Young Goats and be sure to connect with them by following them on social media and everywhere music is sold.