Young Roe Escobar x Roxx The '96er - War (Official Video)

Take a moment to watch the official music video for the song ‘War’ by Young Roe Escobar and Roxx The ‘96er on Juss Russ Radio. Young Roe Escobar and Roxx The ‘96er make their debut on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy new Hip Hop record worth that second listen. "I went to war with the finest", is the first line you hear as the SDotFire production begins to play. Immediately your sucked in and lingering on every word as you realize these two artists aren't your everyday recording artists - their special. With a polished sound and an attention to detail when it comes to this record that only makes you respect them even more. Based in Portland, Maine the two artists have been building a buzz in their city respectively and have since set their sights on the rest of the world. Get familiar with Young Roe Escobar and Roxx The '96er - you won't regret it. They share most of their records on SoundCloud for free streaming!

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