Yovan - Groom, I'm Not

Take a listen to “Groom, I’m Not” by Yovan on Juss Russ Radio. Yovan, a highly talented and anticipated Pop artist of 2019 is back with a new single to sustain his buzz and keep his listeners aboard for his movement. His new single entitled “Groom, I’m Not” is an upbeat and atmospheric Pop record that highlights the fact that Yovan is not ready to tie the knot nor settle down with one woman. This is a dilemma I see that a lot of artists deal with in regards to being able to maintain a solid relationship whilst still actively pursuing their career. Whether it’s the groupies, traveling, or lack of trust, it seems as if it’s always a struggle for a musician to keep it together romantically. Regardless of the fact, Yovan does his thing on this record and uses his flaws as his advantage in order to craft a song that is fun and relatable to all. If he continues to evolve his song and builds his reputation for making songs like “Groom, I’m Not”, Yovan will be around for a long time in this game for his songwriting ability and vocal presence will grant him the longevity most artists only aspire for. Follow Yovan on Spotify to hear more music from the up and coming Pop sensation. Stream “Groom, I’m Not” by Yovan on Juss Russ Radio.