Yungn - Relate (Ft. Dayo G)

Take a moment to watch the video for the song “Relate” by Yungn ft. Dayo G on Juss Russ Radio. Yungn and Dayo G make their debut on Juss Russ Radio with a trendy new Trap Rap single that will have the streets talking for the next few weeks. This happens to be the first time Yungn and Dayo G made an appearance on our music blog and already their video has been blazing up our Trap and Hip Hp charts with their new record. The song speaks on being real and how the streets made them. All of the struggle and everything they’ve been through its safe to say that you’ll never be able to relate. The song boasts a catchy hook and tenacious flows which is all you need for the streets to pay attention. That and of course your rep! Yungn and Dayo G. don’t have a stain on their name in the streets of Arizona, don’t sleep.