Yvng Leaf - Rockstar Team

Emerging recording artist, Yvng Leaf is back with a new banger that is sure to vamp his support system and put his name on the map. Listen to “Rockstar Team” by Yvng Leaf now on Juss Russ Radio. Yvng Leaf is an up and coming artist that up to this point has used popular streaming sites such as SoundCloud to build his brand. He brings pure passion to the genre, and his catalog currently is full of hit records. His new jam is about embracing all that he is, an artist, a creative, and most importantly a rockstar. His energy and charisma is more than enough to convince you to tap in and dig deeper into his sound and vibe as he expresses himself vivaciously on each track. Follow Yvng Leaf on SoundCloud for more music! Listen to “Rockstar” by Yvng leaf now Juss Russ Radio.