Zel - Lul Babyy

Check out “Lul Baby” by Zel on Juss Russ Radio. The big homie Zel dropped in on us today at JRR, blessing us with a new hard-hitting single coined “Lul Baby” featuring J Boogs. It’s crazy because I’ve personally heard Zel’s music before and the thing I appreciate most about his sound is the energy and charisma he brings to each and every record. He’s not the type of artist that just raps in the same tone, uses the same flows, or the same exact type of beat every go-round. Instead, he deems himself to be one of the most versatile and overall talented artists we’ve ever featured on our feed. The main element to this formula for Zel is essentially his ability to make records that still promote fun and having a good time, while on the other hand keeping real substance at the core of everything he does. It doesn’t get much better than that in today’s era of Hip-Hop music or music entirely. Check out Zel and make sure you run up the numbers on his new single “Lul Baby” featuring J Boogs today on Juss Russ Radio.

Braxton Harshaw

Braxton Harshaw is a writer for Artist Sounds and has been writing since 2016.